The “Language of the Clouds.” For they speak a thousand words.

3 min readSep 8, 2022


How many times do we all look up at the clouds? Perhaps not that often — yet today has been a day in which the country, if not the world and all of its 7.753 Billion people have been on the brink of a “nervous breakdown” with the news that medical people have been at Balmoral all day. Of course though today there has also been something of a mood hanging in the air and an atmosphere that has been felt throughout the day; and what with the recent change in weather with a more Autumnal feeling beginning to creep in; which has added to the mood across the country today, and the rest of the world; yet earlier I was looking at the skies and between the showers of rain, I encountered something that I suppose gave me a slight chill, for the first time I suppose the weather was talking to me, in only the language of Nature, a unique language that is best observed that provides us with so many questions, yet not many answers.

But it was this silent conversation with the weather that spoke a thousand words, standing in the car park of a supermarket (I will not mention which one it was) I noticed in the distance, a dark sky that had moments before dropped quite a lot of rain, yet in the distance the angry sky, the moody sky was one of mere clouds; yet somehow it is almost as if they were speaking quite simply the,

“Language of the Clouds.”

And that is strange, whilst on various media channels the outfits of the anchors have changed to black, the clouds that were in front of me, that I observed for just a small split second had spoken a thousand words, and it was like they knew what was going to eventually happen as the world began to slow down, patiently awaiting for something of a Bombshell to be announced.

Language of the Clouds.

Ethereal is perhaps what the scene was, looking at the skies, at the clouds and at the grey mood that was in front of me, albeit in the distance, for it did feel alien to a degree. And whilst “normal TV” had been altered for coverage of events at Balmoral, it seemed as if nature and the clouds were talking as if they already knew what was on the horizon and what would soon be announced. Then just a short while ago, a pause and the news that HM Queen Elizabeth the 2nd had sadly died at the age of 96. But it was almost as if the clouds I was looking at — had been preparing me for the news that was about to be broadcast and broken to all in the UK and all across the world. Then a certain bit of magic, above Windsor Castle, amongst the grey sky, a Rainbow adding a lot of much needed colour to what has been an otherwise moody and grey sky, a sign of things to come perhaps and something to lift our spirits; for whatever happens nature always seems to be a healer in a strange way and the way the rainbow graced the sky above Windsor Castle, was nature doing what nature always does.

Nature talking or Healing? After what has been a strange day, one of mood, a grey mood of waiting, the news finally came that HM Queen Elizabeth the 2nd had passed away at the age of 96. Yet over Windsor Castle, a Rainbow, a picture captured beautifully by BBC News, that just spoke a thousand words.

Of course though if you are a Royalist or a Republican, it is a sad day, and it goes without saying “RIP, HM Queen Elizabeth the 2nd.” No matter what your legacy will be with us forever like a candle that never goes out and in the minds of Royalists and Republicans, you will always be in our minds.